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Facility Use

Empty School Cafeteria

Public school buildings, grounds, and equipment are financed and maintained for the sole purpose of promoting and advancing the academic and athletic education of Wylie ISD students. Priority of usage is given first to campus and various department-related activities.

Wylie ISD also believes that the schools, and associated facilities, belong to the community and may lease space to qualified organizations and civic groups, specifically, those that serve the students and community of Wylie ISD and meet the following criteria: 

  1. The qualified group must have read and agreed with the Facility Use Board Policy
  2. Proof of non-profit status (i.e. 501 c3 documentation)
  3. Successful completion of the Wylie ISD Facility Rental Application.
  4. Certificate of Insurance naming Wylie ISD as a Certificate Holder
  5. An organization's active membership or participation is comprised of 80% of the residents of Wylie ISD

For additional information or questions about qualifications, please email

Athletic Fields/Parking Lots

All athletic fields including the turf fields at Wylie High, Wylie East, Shaffer Stadium, McMillan Junior High and Cooper Junior High are restricted from open public use.  Only the track areas at McMillan, Cooper and Shaffer are open to the public.  Qualified, non-profit organizations may apply to lease time and space on the turf fields at McMillan, Shaffer and Cooper. Please refer to the links below for more information. Requests may be made through the Wylie ISD Facility Rental Application.  Please, no pets are allowed on the track or athletic fields.

Grassy areas around Wylie ISD campuses that are NOT fenced or gated are open to the public to use for sports practices.  Use is on a first-come, first-serve basis and does not require a formal application.

Use of Wylie ISD parking lots must be reserved through the Facilities Department and may require special permitting from the City of Wylie.  A Certificate of Insurance and Waiver of Liability are required from groups that are not school-based and/or are using the lot for fundraising purposes.


Groups and Rates

Wylie ISD Facility Scheduling Application (FMX)

Wylie ISD Facility Scheduling Login (FMX)


FMX Schedule Request Module How To Guide

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Wylie ISD After School Program Employee Background Form