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(Creating Leaders and Advocates for Schools)


Want to know more about the Wylie ISD and how it operates? Curious about school finance and how it affects you, our students and employees? Wondering what new programs our schools are considering? Answers to these questions and many more are available by participating in the District’s CLAAS (Creating Leaders and Advocates for Schools) program. Parents and community members with the desire to learn about the structure and operations of Wylie ISD can do so by committing to a year-long journey that will give them an inside look at the District.

“Whether you are new to the District or just want to know more about what Wylie ISD is all about, CLAAS is an excellent, hands-on opportunity to become an informed member of the Wylie ISD community,” said Stephanie James, 2012-13 CLAAS participant. “I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of each department and feel confident our students are the focal point of every decision the District makes.”

The program, consisting of eight sessions, convenes once a month from September through April at locations all over the school district – including campuses, the transportation center, the stadium, and the educational service center. Sessions are held on the second Wednesday of each month, from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

CLAAS is more than just a “sit and listen” program. Participants will interact with students and teachers, tour District facilities, dialogue with administrators, and District personnel, and see firsthand how the District works. For their investment of time, participants are rewarded with a wealth of knowledge about Wylie ISD and a greater appreciation for educators.

“As a grandparent of two Wylie ISD students, I had no idea how much school had changed, especially here in Wylie, TX,” said Jose Santamaria, 2012-13 CLAAS participant. “This class was definitely an eye-opening experience.”

Over the course of a school year, participants will meet with administrators and school board members covering a variety of topics from curriculum, teaching and learning to budgets, testing, personnel and much more. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to interact with the leaders and decision-makers of Wylie ISD.

“I loved getting a comprehensive look into all the inter-workings of the District,” said Timla Healey, 2011-2012 participant. “Excellent information and format. I especially appreciate the involvement of top-ranking District officials.”

For more information please contact Diane Neel at (972) 429-3012. Enrollment is limited.


*September 3 (Tuesday): Kick-Off to a Great Year — the Wylie Way
October 9: So, What Did You Learn in School Today?
November 13: Every Student, Every Day!
December 11: Education is Everyone’s Job
January 8: Teaching and Leaning...The Wylie Way
February 12: Safety and Finance – The Wylie Way
March 12: Don’t Panic – This is Just a Test
April 9: Celebrate the Past, Honor the Present, and Plan for the Future
**May 19:(Monday) Graduation Ceremony during the Wylie ISD School Board meeting, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

* The meeting is on a Tuesday.
** Monday meeting due to graduation at the regularly scheduled school board meeting.

Session details and descriptions