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Campus Namesake

Change. It is a word that evokes varying responses. Wylie has become a community of change. Our school has had to adapt as well.

Burnett Jr. High School was Wylie Jr. High School before its name changed in 2002. Prior to becoming a junior high, it was Wylie High School until 1996. This campus has not only been transplanted within the city, but has also experienced numerical changes as well. As the community began to grow, our district had to accommodate it.

This campus at 516 Hilltop Lane houses over 1,000 students in the 7th and 8th grades. This campus is also home to Pirate Stadium, now known as Jerry Shaffer Stadium.

Mr. Grady Burnett

Grady Burnett

Burnett Jr. High School was named after Mr. Grady Burnett. He graduated from West Texas State College in Canyon, Texas in 1951. In 1964, with 13 years of teaching/coaching experience, he directed his family and career toward the tiny northeast Dallas town of Wylie. He served our schools as a teacher/coach until January, 1970, when he then became high school principal. Mr. Burnett served the Wylie community and students until his death in April, 1980.

When the time arose for Wylie Independent School District to name our campus, the choice was clear. With 29 total years of serving students, Mr. Grady Burnett has truly left his legacy of learning for others.

Thank you, Grady Burnett, and we welcome you to Grady Burnett Jr. High School – Home of the Buccaneers